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Hello people!

After I've been thinking a lot about it, I've decided to start this blog. I know there are thousands of other blogs now in the world but I don't do this to follow the crowd but I do this for me and people who are interested in reading my stories, who share my thoughts or want to be inspired by them.

As I am from Germany I would be glad if you could help me improving my english language a little bit. I use the english language because I really enjoy speaking and writing it. I can express myself in a much better way. Also I can reach a lot more people in the world which is really cool actually. To be honest, I like to write the blog in english for school, too. English is what I really want to take in my final tests and it will be important for me to learn a lot of English. So why shouldn't I start now?

The reason for starting "My life as Aly"

I am a 16 year old person that thinks A LOT. There is not one moment in my life where I don't think about anything. The problem is I really want to tell my friends about it but I just can't. I am either too embarrassed or I tell my friends and they just say "Oh yes you're right that's really bad" which does definitely NOT help me.

I know that a lot of people write diaries, so I started doing that one month ago. At first I thought "Ah, really good idea, now I don't have to tell my friends about it" but things changed. Of course your diary won't give you a comment on what you wrote so at the end I told it my friends anyway.

If you asked my friends to tell you only one fact about me, the answer would be "Oh I know, she is really paranoid". And I have to admit. I really am. I was looking for a good hiding place for my diary for AGES and to be honest, my wardrobe isn't the best choice. I mean no one ever found it but if they had been looking for it, they would have found it!

No one knows I am starting this blog and that's really good because now I can say what I really think and maybe there are some people on this world who are interested in reading it.

An other point for starting this blog is, that I want to share my interests with a lot of people because I love to hear your opinions. I don't have much friends who do the same hobbies as I do. I love dancing. I've been dancing hip hop for 12 years now and the danceschool is the only place where i don't think! But I love watching all kinds of dancing.

Recently, I have started with photography as it is one of the most inspiring things for me. Capturing beautiful moments is just the best thing in this world full of voilence and bad moments. I know I am not really good at the moment but maybe I will post something about it and you can help me!

So I hope you will like a few posts and don't be shy to comment!

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